The Healing Power Of Onions

A while ago I was sent an email forward about the healing power of onions. The email claimed just having unpeeled onions around the house, bed side table etc could prevent colds and flues, and by chopping them & putting them in your socks, it can draw infections out of your body. Basically this email claimed onions can cure us of everything except Stephen Harper (we need an exorcism for that.)

It all sounded a bit…of a stretch, and I’m all for homeopathic medicine. If I feel I’m coming down with something, I admit, I’ll eat lots of onions, but to say just having them around will do, or in your socks??? I dunno, a bit much.

Last week, my father-in-love ended up in emerge when his leg (that has a 3 year old blood clot even thinners can’t break up) hurt, turned blazing red & black & swelled up to twice the size. The doctors were confused as to what to do. Apparently anti-biotics thicken up the blood, and the dr’s felt it would be as/more dangerous that the actual infection. The doctor gave him a prescription but advised he doesn’t take it and hope for the best. If it gets worse they told him to come back. My response was “what the f*ck kind of solution is that?????!!!!!!!!”

Furious I decided to take matters into my own hands. I dosed him out with some oil of oregano & sent him to bed with a sock full of chopped onion & begged him to try it-not easy to convince a 62 year old conservative to sleep with his foot smushed in onions!

The next morning he said “Its a little strange to pick onions our of your toes first thing in the morning!” But when we looked at his leg, we were startled to see the swelling had gone down substantially, the black was almost gone & the red wasn’t so ‘hot.”  We repeated the process the next night & by the following morning, the leg had cleared up entirely!!! F*ck you Dr Jackoff!

The last few days I feel like I have been fighting off a cold. I have been using oil of oregano, vitamin D, zinc & keeping raw unpeeled onions around wherever I breathe. So far, it hasn’t developed into an actual cold. Keep working onions, don’t make a liar out of me!!

So, when that onion email forward comes around, pay attention! Its not bullshit, it actually works!

(PS: onions apparently are germ magnets. Never keep cut onion around to use later or buy chopped onions-its swimming in gross-even when wrapped in plastic. Chop & use immediately & immediately discard what you don’t use. Don’t cook or eat onions you’ve been using as a flu guard. If you are going to freeze onions for future use, fry the shit out of them first-but better not to do it at all.)


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